Our top 4 Asian eats in Melbourne

Photo from @chinchin

Photo from @chinchin

Melbourne is Australia’s cultural melting pot and with that comes an amazing food scene. It reminds me very much of New York in the sense that every time I visit I could eat at a new place and still never check all the amazing places of my list and trust me, I try! Those who know me well know that food is the way to my heart and the below places are my new found loves.

Asian food has come a long way with me.  Growing up in the countryside of Pennsylvania, USA I didn’t have much exposure to the cuisine until I moved to Australia.  Asian food for us growing up was Chinese chicken and broccoli stir fry and deep friend egg rolls. Those are definitely classics in our household once I flew to otherside of the world to live I was opened up to a whole knew world of cuisine.  Back to Melbourne here are my top 4 asian inspired restaurants you must try.

Kingfish ceviche @chinchin

Kingfish ceviche @chinchin

Chin Chin, Flinders Lane, Melb

I know, I know, an obvious choice! My first visit to this legendary establishment was only this year.  I had put it off for so long because of how popular it was.  I thought it was more of a place to be seen than for the food.  Wow was I wrong (ask my partner, this never happens!). As soon as we walked in the vibe drew me in, classic songs pumping over the speakers, the downstairs GoGo bar whipping out excellent cocktails that I didn’t even mind the 45 minute wait.  We got seated at the back bar where they prepare all the food before it is served, amazing but also dangerous! It made me want to eat everything that came out. 

The food was to die for and my only regret was that I didn't come here sooner because I needed more time to try everything on the menu.  Highlight dish for me was the Kingfish carpaccio. Best news is that they are opening Chin Chin in Sydney now you don’t have to travel all the way to Melbs for this legendary experience.

Photo from @hanoihannah

Photo from @hanoihannah

Hanoi Hannah, High Street, Windsor

Whether it's a sit down dinner or take away, if you are craving Vietnamese look no further then Hanoi Hannah.  The dim-light restaurant which is usually pumping with R&B music has an excellent food and drink menu. Everything is very reasonable priced and the duck spring rolls are to amazing!

Chilli dumplings from @majong_restaurant

Chilli dumplings from @majong_restaurant

Mahjong Restaurant, Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda

Yum cha at its finest at this St. Kilda Establishment.  Every Sunday it is $35 for all you can eat.  The menu is surprisingly diverse with over 40 items to choose from.  Be sure to book in advance for you and a group of friends. Make sure to not miss out on the soup dumplings! I think I ate about three rounds to myself :)

Amazing spread @hawkerhall

Amazing spread @hawkerhall

Hawker Hall, Chapel Street, Windsor

From the creative heads behind Chin Chin there is no surprise that Hawker Hall is top notch. With a collective cuisine choices from Singapore and Malaysia the menus has a vast a choices all that will having you wanting more! The street style vibe of hanging Asian street signs, the bustling crowd and the killer cocktail make this a definitely hit list for any day of the week.  Definitely go for the beef rendang, its epic. If you don't feel like a night out, you're in luck because these guys are on Uber eats.

Trust the magic of new beginnings

We’ve well and truly kicked off 2017 with a bumper summer here in Bondi Beach. Warm summer days, crystal blue ocean, thumping surf and a flurry of tourists transcending on the famous beach.  It was only this time last year when Bondi Yoga House launched the first ever pop-up Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Bondi Beach, Sydney. We served hundreds of local and international guests, hosted inspiring community workshops, book launches and even filmed a reality tv show!

When we launched this new and exciting wellness venture, we had to be nimble and open to where this experience was taking us. When we set out to create BYH, we wanted to see more of the world, collaborate with inspiring and talented people whilst challenging the status quo.

After an incredible year, we are excited to announce that in 2017, we are transitioning Bondi Yoga House into a lifestyle experience brand focused on curating wellbeing events and workplace wellness. We will continue to do this by harnessing our incredible community and elevating our collaboration partners to create opportunity together.

Keep an eye out on our upcoming events and for more information on workplace wellness, email us at hello@bondiyogahouse.com

We thank you for the support, love and kindness you have given us so far on this incredible journey. We can’t wait to continue sharing the adventure with you!

Benny & Amanda xo

Six songs that will have you dancing in your next yoga class

I don’t know about you, but when I step into a yoga class, I get quite excited about the type of music the yoga teacher curates for the class. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes yoga calls for silence (outside of teacher instructions) and that’s a powerful thing, but for me, music is the vehicle that takes me on a journey in and out of asanas.

As a DJ, there’s an art to putting together a playlist that’s going to resonate with your students.

Here’s six tracks I love playing in a yoga class;

  • SAFIA - Make those wheels roll
  • James TW - Torn
  • Sevdaliza - Marilyn Munroe
  • Shark - Oh Wonder
  • Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Killing me to love you

Photo: Boys of Yoga

What working at LinkedIn taught me about running my own wellness business


The below was a piece written by lindameredith.com.au 

Juggling 300 corporate clients in the high-pressure sales department at LinkedIn would seem a world away from running a yoga business in the middle of Bondi Beach, but that’s the path Amanda Graci has found herself on. The co-founder of Bondi Yoga House spent more than three years as a senior relationships manager at the online recruiting giant, joining in 2012 and going on to help build and train a team of 25.

When she and partner Benny Gould decided to open their urban yoga retreat at the start of 2016 - following nine months of travelling the globe - Amanda naturally drew on some of the lessons she learned while working with small- and medium-sized businesses across a broad range of industries.

One of the most important: it’s often easier to be the person giving advice from the outside! “We talked about this a lot in the beginning,” Amanda admits. “It is a lot easier to be an outsider looking in than being down in the trenches. It’s very easy to get caught in the weeds of the day-to-day, so for us it’s really important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. [We try to] follow what we used to preach and apply practices that were so ingrained in us - which is a lot harder than it sounds.”

These include staying true to your brand and knowing how you plan to measure success. “At the moment, Bondi Yoga House is the first of its kind [in Sydney], so it took us some time to understand what our brand was going to be,” Amanda says. “We’re continuing to refine that message we communicate to our audience.” She laughingly refers to herself as a “data nerd” and uses analytics to make sure the business continues to stay on track. “This is something that Benny and I love, and the way that it relates to revenue.”

Not surprisingly given her track record, Amanda also believes in the power of creating a strong network, and still recommends leveraging relationships with people you know and trust to grow a business both internally and externally. To help get Bondi Yoga House off the ground, the couple turned to their local community for support and to forge strategic partnerships. “People have been so supportive,” she says. “[Remember], there will be people that have gone through or are going through what you are experiencing.”

Similarly, when looking to hire new employees, she believes that it’s all about referrals. “Even if someone doesn’t have the skills you’re looking for, that’s okay if they’re a cultural fit for your business. Skills can be taught, personality can’t.”

The couple expect to start growing their business as the peak summer tourism season approaches, and admit that they’ll even draw on elements of the LinkedIn company culture as their start-up evolves. “LinkedIn has a great company culture that supports transformation, being one team and overall wellbeing,” says Amanda. “At BYH we are still in the early days of building a culture as it’s just Benny and I, but there are definitely elements we will adopt especially around transformation and being one team.  For us it’s a real focus on doing work that you are so passionate about that it doesn’t feel like work. It’s about living and breathing that balanced lifestyle, and at the end of the day not taking things so seriously and just having fun!”

BYH Coconut Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

chia seed pudding recipe

This recipe is a favourite at Bondi Yoga House and satisfies the sweet tooth cravings!

- 1 1/2 cups (375 ml) coconut milk
- 1 1/2 cups milk or nut milk ( I used almond)
- 3 tablespoons raw honey
- 1/2 cup (100 grams) black chia seeds
- yoghurt, chopped pistachios, fresh mint and berries to serve (I use blueberries and chopped strawberries)

Serves 4-6

Place the coconut milk in a saucepan over medium heat and bring to a gentle simmer, cook for 2 minutes.  Add the milk, honey and chia seeds, mix to combine and refrigerate for 20 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed and the chia is soft (you can also leave overnight)  Divid the chia between glasses and top with yoghurt, pistachio, mint and fruit.

We're Coconuts for The Wellness Festival

This coming October, Bondi Yoga House has teamed up with The Wellness Festival: Colour and Coconuts at The Commune in Sydney. As the official accommodation partner for the event, we are so excited to be working with such inspiring and talented souls.

We are super excited to also announce, we will be brining the 'Bondi Vibes' to the festival with our Bondi Yoga House stall in The Market Place. Be sure to swing by the event to go in the running to WIN a Retreat Experience for YOU and FIVE friends. 

Event Details: The Wellness Festival - Colour and Coconuts

When: Saturday October 15th 2016

Tickets available here

Photo: Colour and Coconuts

3 Must Try Yoga Classes for Beginners in Bondi Beach

For any beginner, choosing a yoga studio can be quite a daunting experience. As the yoga industry becomes more mature here in Australia, yoga teachers are building their own personal brands, further developing themselves with hundreds of teaching hours and inspiring students along the way.

Having spent a lot of time traveling to different countries and visiting a range of yoga studio’s, we find ourselves pretty lucky to be surrounded by incredible yoga teaches right on our doorstep here in Bondi. Here’s our top picks of yoga classes you must try in Bondi Beach:

Persia Juliet - Essentials 28c, Body Mind Life - If you are searching for a yoga class which helps build the foundations for practice, this is the perfect class for you. Built for students new to yoga or experienced yogi’s looking to refine their practice and technique, Persia combines a love of music, story-telling and deeply expressed emotion to have you coming back for more every time.


Adam Whiting - Vinyasa, PowerLiving - If you are new to yoga but are fairly comfortable with your downward dogs and warriors, consider stepping up your practice to Adam’s 60 minute level 2 class. Adam loves the playfulness and creative freedom found in crafting an intelligently sequenced vinyasa flow class. When he’s not leading a meditation, you can find him cracking jokes and calling poses to the soundtrack of an upbeat, energetic playlist in his challenging but empowering vinyasa flow classes.


Marja Jacobsen - Yin Yoga, Darma Shala - Recently we were introduced to Marja Jacobsen and her 90 minute Yin class in North Bondi's traditional yoga shala. Yin yoga is a slower class where you hold yoga postures for longer periods of time. Words can’t even describe the incredible magic that she creates during this blissful yoga experience. As a lover of Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and Candles (oh she makes the best candles!) she brings so much heart felt energy and passion to every class. She not only inspires everyone around her, but to share her love of Yoga & Reiki by giving others the opportunity to improve their quality of life & feel empowered everyday.


Grab life by the Bowls. Our guide to the best food bowls in Bondi.

Bowl A Rama

Lox Stock and Barrel, 140 Glenyar Ave

It is hard to go past this bowl when you are at Lox Stock.  Actually most times I don’t! This superfood bowl is packed with fermented goodies, seaweed salad, quinoa toast and poached eggs.  If you want a little naughty treat add a side of potato hash….yum!

Image from Lox, Stock and Barrel Instagram

Image from Lox, Stock and Barrel Instagram


The Cured

Shuk, 2 Mitchell Street

At BYH, Shuk is our local.  It is a less than a 5 minute walk and this is dangerous! We could eat at Shuk for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Not going to lie, there are days when we have definitely done this! Shuk do these amazing 60/60 eggs (an egg cooked at 60 degrees for 60 minutes) add some salmon, sweet potato & quinoa croquettes, some lovely herbs and yummy dill sour cream and you are in for a treat!

Image from Shuk Bondi Instagram

Image from Shuk Bondi Instagram


Bondi Bowl

Sadhana Kitchen, 132 Warners Ave

This is definitely a vegan feast of a bowl.  One bowl, many things as the menu says.  Their Bondi bowl is over flowing with miso roasted pumpkin, macadamia feta, sauerkraut and much more all topped with a spicy sesame dressing….yum! (note: ingredients differ slightly passed on season but still so much goodness)

Image from Sadhana Kitchen Instagram

Image from Sadhana Kitchen Instagram


Savoury Granola Bowl

Bondi Whole Foods, 30 Hastings Parade

This is a good that I recently just discovered.  It combines all of my favourite breakfast ingredients, fluffy scrambled eggs, toasted granola, greens and smoked salmon (option for bacon).  All together it is one hell of a bowl! 

Image from Bondi Wholefoods Instagram

Image from Bondi Wholefoods Instagram


Poke Bowl

Fish Bowl Poke, The Pacific Bondi, 180 Campbell Parade

This place has been one of the best additions to the Bondi food scene in a while. If you need to grab something quick for lunch or dinner, this is your place! You can build your own sashimi bowl from an array of fresh ingredients and fish (salmon, tuna, kingfish) or go with one designed for you.  Check out the SoCal it is one of our favourites.

Image from Poke Fishbowl Instagram

Image from Poke Fishbowl Instagram