Secrets to happiness – Persevering with yoga

This was a blog post from on 23 February 2016.

Does practicing yoga lead to happiness? We were lucky enough to chat with Amanda from @bondiyogahouse to find out the impact of yoga for them.

How did your interest in yoga begin?

My interest in yoga happened by accident and not by intention. I actually didn’t like yoga for a long time! I was never one who was flexible and had a very short attention span so I found yoga boring (target audience for yoga!) I was running a lot at the time, getting injured often and a friend made me join her for yoga outside by the beach. This wasn’t the first time I tried it but thought I would give it a go again. She promised me to meet her again next week, then the week after and before I knew it I was going every weekend. There was something about the fresh air, saltwater smell and the fact the my injuries were starting to decrease that I just kept coming back. After about a year I was barely running and doing yoga several times a week!

What impact has yoga had on your life?

Yoga has had a massive impact on my life and now is my life as I am about to start a yoga and wellness retreat with my partner in Bondi Beach, Australia. Before the business, I was always in a high pressure sales job and yoga not only became a way to take care of my body but also my mind. It was a great escape and chance for me to not think about were my next sale was coming but more of a chance for me to decompress and focus on me, or not think about anything!

If someone was looking to get into yoga what advice would you give them?

Don’t give up if you don’t like it right away! It took me a while to find my groove with yoga and a lot of that has to do with finding teachers and a studio you feel comfortable with. Test out the different ones in your area. Also don’t worry about feeling silly, no one is watching and we all look silly at some point, that is part of the fun!

Tell us about your ideal day and what you do to feel your best?

My ideal day would involve a mix of all my favourite things, my boyfriend, my little dog, travel, good food and wine with friends, a sweaty yoga class and function training! Is that too much for a girl to ask for?   To feel my best I focus on doing what makes me happy and having a good balance of things. I love eating healthy because it is good for me and makes me feel energised but I also love pizza and wine…so I have both! In smart moderation of course…. Keeping my body fit is really important to me as it make me feel good and I love mixing up my training. Sometimes it is yoga and other times I go to bootcamp, some days I do both! Also never taking myself too seriously, I am a big goofball but laughter is what you need in life!

What or who makes you smile, no matter what mood you are in?

My dog, Bondi and my boyfriend, Ben. I probably should have wrote my boyfriend first? Seriously though no matter what mood I am in both find a way to make me laugh or feel good without even trying. I try to never stay in a bad mood for too long…it isn’t worth it and not very fun to be around!