3 Must Try Yoga Classes for Beginners in Bondi Beach

For any beginner, choosing a yoga studio can be quite a daunting experience. As the yoga industry becomes more mature here in Australia, yoga teachers are building their own personal brands, further developing themselves with hundreds of teaching hours and inspiring students along the way.

Having spent a lot of time traveling to different countries and visiting a range of yoga studio’s, we find ourselves pretty lucky to be surrounded by incredible yoga teaches right on our doorstep here in Bondi. Here’s our top picks of yoga classes you must try in Bondi Beach:

Persia Juliet - Essentials 28c, Body Mind Life - If you are searching for a yoga class which helps build the foundations for practice, this is the perfect class for you. Built for students new to yoga or experienced yogi’s looking to refine their practice and technique, Persia combines a love of music, story-telling and deeply expressed emotion to have you coming back for more every time.


Adam Whiting - Vinyasa, PowerLiving - If you are new to yoga but are fairly comfortable with your downward dogs and warriors, consider stepping up your practice to Adam’s 60 minute level 2 class. Adam loves the playfulness and creative freedom found in crafting an intelligently sequenced vinyasa flow class. When he’s not leading a meditation, you can find him cracking jokes and calling poses to the soundtrack of an upbeat, energetic playlist in his challenging but empowering vinyasa flow classes.


Marja Jacobsen - Yin Yoga, Darma Shala - Recently we were introduced to Marja Jacobsen and her 90 minute Yin class in North Bondi's traditional yoga shala. Yin yoga is a slower class where you hold yoga postures for longer periods of time. Words can’t even describe the incredible magic that she creates during this blissful yoga experience. As a lover of Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and Candles (oh she makes the best candles!) she brings so much heart felt energy and passion to every class. She not only inspires everyone around her, but to share her love of Yoga & Reiki by giving others the opportunity to improve their quality of life & feel empowered everyday.