5 Reasons Women love a Man Who Does Yoga

Love beautiful couple on the beach doing dancing fitness yoga exercise together. Valentine day love beautiful

Not to long ago most men wouldn’t be caught dead in a yoga class as it was seen as a “thing for chicks”, now Broga is all the rage and real men wear tights, right?  So why are all these powerhouse yogi couples popping up all over the world? 

I myself have been dating a yogi for over three years and while he wasn’t a yogi when we first met, he originally got into it to “impress me”….well that’s what he thought! Since growing his yoga practice I have reaped just as many benefits as he has.  So, if you are a fella thinking about doing yoga or a woman trying to convince her man to join her on the mat, here are 5 reasons why women love a man who does yoga:

  1. All our Dirty Dancing dreams can come true.  We must all confess that we have all dreamt about being Baby while we practice “the lift” with Patrick Swayze in the water, on the grass and in bed.  Now with your yogi this is part of your daily practice, Acroyoga anyone? Cue in “time of your life” music. 
  2. They are a sight for sore eyes. Let’s be honest men who do yoga tend to care more about what they put into their bodies, combined with a regular practice they will increase their flexibility and sculpt muscles, yes please!
  3. We love a man in touch with his feelings.  It is not just what’s on the outside that counts and we all know this too well. Men who have a regular yoga practice will be more in touch with their own feelings and seeing the bigger picture. Think more James Bond than Charlie Sheen.  
  4. Better Sex.   We all know that yoga increases flexibility, better muscle tone and is a great stress release, but better sex? A regular yoga practice has been shown to improve sexual aspects such as desire, arousal and overall sexual satisfaction.  Which ultimately makes for more fun and fulfilment between the sheets!
  5. Those that flow together, stay together. Studies have shown that there is growing evidence that suggests that couples who sweat together really do stay together.  Working out together can also increase your happiness with your relationship, improve the efficiency of your workouts and increase your emotional bond.