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Mindful Expansion: Step into your true authentic self and live the life you desire - By founder of Aiyana Energy, Daniela Schmutz


The return to your true self allows you to act from a point of inner authenticity, instead of having to react to external influences from an ego-driven perspective. It means to stand in your own power and to be the person you truly want to be; not the man or woman that society, culture and advertising manipulates you to be.

Learn how to live life in an egoless state of being, without feeling guilty about making decisions that suit your health and wellbeing. Letting go of people pleasing attitudes and what you think you ‘should’ do instead of stepping into feeling what is best for you. And most importantly increase your self worth by learning how to love yourself and live through authenticity at all times!

About Daniela:

Aiyana founder Daniela Schmutz is a Development & Wellbeing Coach and a Healer and is on a mission to create a stronger relationship with ourselves through our mind/body connection. Daniela teaches her vision through one on one sessions, events and retreats.

Daniela believes in teaching us the value of self love and self care, and providing the tools to lead an authentic life through exploration to lead to a harmonious life through happiness and personal independence.

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