“I don’t know where i’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

Bondi Yoga House was born somewhere on a beach in Europe in 2015. After swapping our corporate briefcases for backpacks and a year of travel, we decided to launch a lifestyle start-up combining events, pop-up retreats and workplace wellbeing.




Whether you are a brand looking to throw a party, launch a product or inspire your audience, we create memorable events in the lifestyle category.

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Motivate, inspire and lead your team through a range of wellbeing programs which ensure your employees represent the best version of themselves.

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We collaborate with the best wellness practitioners to host pop-up retreats all over Australia. From Yoga to Surfing, Hiking to Biking - if you are looking to run a retreat, but don't quite have the experience, don't worry we have your back!

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